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Adult Muay Thai in Lafayette, CA 

Adult Muay Thai is a great way to strengthen one’s body, as well as fortify one’s mind. It builds mental toughness and teaches the individual ways to defend themselves. This is also a great way to build self-confidence and widen one’s social circle. So, get out of your comfortable chair by enrolling in class today. 


We Offer Adult Muay Thai Kickboxing

We strive to keep our Muay Thai classes fun while also burning plenty of calories. We teach striking and kicking skills, as well as help our students develop self-discipline and awareness. Our instructors are highly skilled, as well as friendly, and eager to help you begin your life transformation.

These classes are often energetic and contagious in nature. Seeing others spar and progress through the class is sure to provide you with the same incentive to join and progress on your own path. Whether you are looking to meet new people or you are wanting to burn those extra stubborn calories (or maybe both!) These classes are sure to prove exactly what you are not only looking for, but needing, as well. 

We Offer Adult Muay Thai In Lafayette, CA

Our office is located in Walnut Creek, CA., just 16 miles from east of Oakland. However, we also are proud to serve the areas of Lafayette, CA, as well as the surrounding areas. Our area of service is close to the junction of highways Sacramento and San Jose (I-680) and San Francisco/Oakland (SR-24.) We are also easily arrived at by means of BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit.)

Commonly Asked Questions About Adult Muay Thai Kickboxing

Below are a few commonly asked questions regarding adult Muay Thai:

Can Muay Thai Help With Weight Loss?

Yes. Muay Thai is a great way to get active and burn calories. Muay Thai training can be very effective in helping you shed those calories quickly and effectively. Muay Thai is referred to as the “art of eight limbs”, meaning you will be utilizing your entire body basically. This whole body workout is a sure way to shed those extra pounds. From fists and elbows, knees and kicks, you are going to be using your whole body in an intense workout that will leave your muscles humming and your body singing. 

Could This Class Be Too Intense For Me?


Muay Thai does not focus on detailed or elaborate choreography, and the moves you learn are not designed for entertainment purposes or poses. In general, Muay Thai is an interesting activity that can easily motivate students to become “more”, as well as easy enough to pick up quite quickly. 

It is only as intense as you want it to be. With that said, it is an intense workout for the body since it basically uses the entire body. You will be working both upper and lower body together throughout your training, so it can be intense. But as long as you are aware of your limits and how hard you can push against them, you should be fine. 

Learn, Grow, Share


It is important to remember that this is an exercise about your personal journey, not intended to be matched or measured with anyone else’s. So, only make it as intense as you need it to be. Let it be personal and allow yourself to have something you can grow with to learn from and to share. Please contact our office for more information on our classes today.

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