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Welcome to RGWC 

We believe that regardless of your age, weight or experience level our program is suitable for everyone and we can help you achieve your goals!

We offer a safe, clean and family environment academy where you can learn self defense, boost your confidence and self esteem while burning a lot of energy and having fun.​

Our experts instructors are friendly, highly skilled and eager to help transform your life in a meaningful way!​

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"I have been training with Vini and the team for almost three years now and it has been transformative to my life in a lot of ways. Ever since I started, I've been trying to get everyone to try jiu jitsu! I've also trained at various BJJ gyms around the country and, in my experience, I've found Vini and the RGWC crew to be the most welcoming to beginners and visitors!"


Upcoming Events

Women's Self Defense

Join us on a FREE self defense class and Talk
about how to defend yourself and those you love.

Invite family and friends to participate!

Open to ALL community, all ages.



Night Out

Join us on a fun night from 6-9PM 
Jiu Jitsu activities, Muay Thai, Crafts, Games and Pizza!

Sept 23
Oct 28

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